Rose Quartz Inspired Resin Tray

Rose Quartz Inspired Resin Tray


This multipurpose resin tray was created by myself, inspired by rose quartz, a natural gem with a subtle pink essence.


You can use this tray as a vanity tray in your bedroom to place your jewelry and accessories on or even serve up your favorite food to your guests as it is made from a food-safe resin.


Uses are abundant for this beautiful tray.


Size: 11.5"x7.5"*


*The size is approximate as it is an abnormal shape as this is the effect I was going for

Media: Ultra Clear Ultra UV Resistant Art Resin

  • Rock hard Durability


*If you are looking for a different color or size, feel free to reach out via the contact page*



The image may vary from the exact scale. Please refer to the dimensions given in the description.

On different devices, colors may vary slightly.