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How to apply a vinyl decal to a wall or other surface (5 simple steps)

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

In this tutorial, I have demonstrated how you would peel a vinyl decal and how to apply it to an interior wall. These decals are suitable for application on smooth surfaces. In the video, I was applying the decal to a wall that was painted with matt emulsion, making it a little tricky for the decal to stick on, but with some extra effort and persistence, it finally adhered to the surface.

In the design itself, there is a typo. This has been corrected with the actual design but unfortunately was recorded before I realized it. But not to worry. this only goes to show we are all human and are capable of making a mistake so embrace it rather than fretting over it. I wonder if you noticed where the typo is...Comment down below if you have spotted it.

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Steps To Apply A Vinyl Decal

1. Peel decal

Carefully peel away the transfer tape from the protective backing, ensuring that the decal comes away with it. You may need to rub over the top of the tape with a scraper, squeegee, or credit card to press the tape onto the decal. Make sure the entire decal peels away. You will need to take extra care when working with smaller, or more intricate designs.

2. Clean surface

Gently wipe over the area where you will be applying the decal, making sure to remove any dust or oil that will prevent the decal from sticking to the surface. It is possible to apply decals to matt painted walls, but you must take extra care in doing so as the decal does not stick so easily to the surface due to its rough texture.

3. Applying the decal

Once you have measured out where exactly you want to place the decal, making sure it is straight and positioned correctly, place the decal onto the surface with the transfer tape.

4. Remove transfer tape

When you are completely happy with where you have placed the decal, using a squeegee or the likes, scrape over the transfer tape with light pressure, making sure not to tear the decal. This allows the decal to adhere to the surface. After this, remove the transfer tape, folding it back onto itself so it leaves behind the decal.

5. Smooth out the decal

Once the transfer tape has completely been removed, smooth out the vinyl decal with a towel or a squeegee, taking care not to tear it.

There you have it, 5 simple steps to applying a vinyl decal.

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